McFarland Family History
Chapter 3- Reverend John McFarland in North Carolina The Scottish
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This chapter zooms in on Joe McFarland's great-great-great-grandfather, which is were our line begins in America. Reverend John McFarland, Sr. a Presbyterian minister, was an immigrant from Kintyre, Scotland. In 1772, he came to North Carolina with his family, Parlane (14), and younger daughter, Janet. He also came over with his whole congregation. The McFarlands have a long history with the Presbyterian Church.

Information is presented in the book to link Rev. John McFarland in a direct unbroken male line from Alwin, 2nd Earl of Lennox Kenneth I (MaCalpine), who was crowned King of Scotland in 840. This gives us who bear the McFarland name a history of almost 1200 years of relatives of royalty in Scotland.

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Information is also listed about John McFarland's father, Parlan McFarland. Finally, a direct link is provided to John McFarland's grandfather, Duncan McFarland. It is believed that Duncan was killed in the battle of Malplaquet in 1709. Duncan was from the Shire of Dumbarton, on the west banks of Loch Lomond, above Tarbet.

Rev. John McFarland's marriage to Sarah MacKeahey is direct proof of the very close relationship of these two Scottish clans. John and Sarah had seven more children, the last of which would be John McFarland, Jr. (Chapter Four). John would be the original patriarch of our "McFarland Clan" in Mississippi.