McFarland Family History
McFarland Clan in North Carolina in 1700's and
eventual Migration to Mississippi in Early 1800's.
The Scottish
Sample Chapters

This chapter traces the movement of the McFarland Clan to North Carolina. It shows why many of the "Mac" clans came to North Carolina in the eighteenth century, which was to escape the British rule. The earliest record of this movement was the establishment of a clan in the Cape Fear area in 1732. Besides the McFarlands, other clans that came to America were the McDuffies, McNeils, McInnises, McLaurins, McIllwains, McKeaheys, and McRaes. Some families today have dropped the "Mac" or "Mc" from their names or otherwise changed the spelling and pronunciation. Nevertheless, they all came from the same Highland clans.

Many McFarlands who trace their heritage back to the McFarland Clan in North Carolina will be surprised to learn that there were no McFarlands who fought in the Revolutionary War on the side of the patriots. The book answers the question of why our forefathers would take the side of the hated English when this was the very reason they left Scotland.

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You may be surprised to read that many of our forefathers were indentured slaves. Another important factor was the "oath of allegiance." The latter chapters show that in just less than one hundred years, most of the McFarlands would be on the losing side of the war again.

Chapters Three and Four list the Highlanders' move from the North Carolina Colony to the new lands out west. In those days, "out west" was a term that meant lands all the way to the Mississippi River. In 1815, they loaded their families and worldly goods into wagons, and in large caravans they walked through South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama. Finally, they arrived in the Promised Land, Mississippi!