McFarland Family History
John McFarland, Jr. (1785-1853), Joe McFarland's great-great-grandfather.
This is the original McFarland who came to Mississippi in 1815.
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This chapter develops the generation of Joe McFarland's great-great-grandfather, John McFarland, Jr. John McFarland was born in September of 1785 in Moore County, North Carolina to John McFarland, Sr. (Chapter Three) and Sarah MacKeahey McFarland.

John McFarland, like his father, married a MacKeahey, Mary MacKeahey in 1813. On May 15, 1815, John, Mary, and baby George Jackson McFarland joined the caravan of Scotsmen which departed North Carolina for Mississippi. They settled in the Keahey Settlement which is called Boyce today and is located in Wayne County, Mississippi.

Shortly after John and Mary's arrival in Boyce, they received a very special Christmas gift. On December 27, 1816, they experienced the birth of their second son, John Brown McFarland (Chapter Five).

On March 31, 1821, John McFarland and other members of the clan formed the Philadelphus Presbyterian Church: "We, the undersigned, impressed with importance of enjoying the privileges of the Church of Christ, regular administered, desire to have a Church regularly constituted."

John was the Clerk of the Session and the first ruling elder in this Church.

"At the suggestion of the Reverend Jno [sic] Patterson then present, the above named persons proceeded to elect a Ruling Elder. After prayer had been offered to Almighty God from [sic] His blessing, Mr. John McFarland was nominated and elected to the office of Ruling Elder."

As evidenced by this brief snapshot into time, it can be clearly seen that the McFarlands were staunch Presbyterians. This chapter shows how John's faith was sorely needed as John soon faced trial after trial. As an example, within a few years of his arrival in Mississippi, our forefather lost two young wives and a small son. This chapter demonstrates that John's faith in the Lord remained steady. No doubt, he was comforted by the reading of the Old Testament Book of Job.

John will eventually marry a third time and have three more children. Finally, the chapter closes with his two moves late in life that result in the final settlement in 1851 to the southeastern part of the new Jasper County. John will only live in this new location for two years. He is buried in Anderson Cemetery just south of Heidelberg, Mississippi.

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Over 100 years ago, Judge Baxter McFarland from Aberdeen, Mississippi, found a priceless quote that someone who knew John McFarland wrote of him:

"John McFarland was perfectly resigned to his heavenly Father's will and the people who knew him were fully persuaded that he was a Christian if ever there was one. He bore many hardships, toils and snares for the sake of Christianity and he was a faithful follower of Jesus. Although John was deprived of his sense of hearing in his last years, it made no changes in his usefulness. He died February 12, 1853, and his spirit was borne by the angels and rests in the great beyond to sing praises to God and to the Lamb forever."

Many, many more priceless facts about this great man are in Chapter Four of Joe's McFarlands.