McFarland Family History
John Brown McFarland (1816-1899) - Joe McFarland's great-grandfather.
  This is our forefather that fought in the Civil War.
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John Brown McFarland (J.B) was born in Boyce, Mississippi on December 27, 1816. We know that J.B.'s mother, Mary Keahey McFarland, died when he was only six years of age. Then his father married his mother's first cousin, Eleanor Keahey. After Eleanor's death, Ann Rae married his father, and Ann must have continued raising J.B.'s little sister, Sarah.

In 1854, J.B. married Flora McCraney, who was 25 years of age at the time. In 1855, Flora gave J.B. his first son, William Jackson McFarland (Chapter Six). J.B. and Flora continued with the family farm business with some help from J.B.'s big brother, George Jackson McFarland. Then the Lord blessed J.B. and Flora with more children: John Roderick McFarland (DOB: October 15, 1858), Sara Jane McFarland in 1859, and George Calvin McFarland (DOB: February 2, 1861). After the birth of this child, the "handwriting was on the wall," and soon war would come to Jasper County.

"The Mighty Men of Jasper" did not agree with their neighbor, "The Free State of Jones" and voted for secession. Headlines in the Eastern Clarion were "Jasper goes for secession."

Even though J.B. had many obligations in southeast Jasper County, on July 25, 1862, he enlisted in the Confederate Army. He was assigned to Captain W. C. Porter's Company B. This company was a part of the Minute Men or State Troops under the command of Major General H.C. Tupper of the 5th Regiment. Soon J.B. was promoted to the rank of corporal.

Captain Porter's command was transferred to General Pemberton, and they were ordered to Vicksburg, Mississippi. The "Mighty Men of Jasper" now found themselves attempting to provide a defense to a town that was being invaded by an overwhelming Union Army.

On July 4, 1863, J.B. McFarland was ordered to surrender to General Grant. He took a solemn oath (see document at left) and swore that he would not take up arms against the United States again.

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The book develops the unbelievable story about J.B.'s death in 1889. Can we believe that a deaf and mute Indian knew the length of time that J.B. had left on earth?

The most visible sign of John Brown McFarland today is the church and grave yard that is named in his honor. McFarland Cemetery is located today next to McFarland Presbyterian Church. The cemetery was established at J.B.'s death in 1899. McFarland Presbyterian Church was established in 1903 and is located just three miles south of the town of Heidelberg. There has been a Huddleston/McFarland reunion at this church every year from 1947 to the present time.