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Joe's McFarlands: An extensive history of the McFarland Clan from 840 in Scotland to 1970 in the United States. The Scottish
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Welcome to This site contains a considerable amount of information that I gathered while researching my own family history while writing my first book, Joe's McFarlands. My hope is that both the book and this site are useful in preserving invaluable family information about the McFarland Family for future generations.

The book has detailed descriptions of people, places and activities, beginning with McFarland Clans in Scotland in 840 AD. It discusses the McFarland family emigration to America and how they settled in North Carolina, and how they then settled throughout several other states, including South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Joe's McFarlands gives details on relatives, marriages, births, deaths, and other events in McFarland family member's lives. It contains true stories of humor and seriousness and of great joy and frequent sadness. The book ends with my father's passing in 1970, but first details much of his life, including his personal and professional life.

If you are a McFarland, are researching your own family genealogy, or are just interested in the fascinating McFarland Family history, I'm sure you will find this book to be both interesting and useful. You can order a copy of Joe's McFarlands directly from me, and all copies are personally signed.

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